Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas - How about a New iPhone Case for a Gift

Christmas - How about a New iPhone Case for a Gift

Thinking of Buying a Gift for Someone this Christmas "SomeOne Special" How about a new iphone case.If You are lucky enough that the person whom you want to buy a gift have a iPhone then i have gathered some perfect new iPhone Cases for Your loved Ones.Either You have a beautiful Wife,Daughter,Son or Anyone you can give this small precious little gift ("New iPhone Case") to them and i bet they will like it more than anything else as it's one of there personal device accessory.

iPhone4 Banksy Balloon Girl Eagle Nebula iPhone 4/4s Case

iPhone4 Banksy Balloon Girl

This beautiful iPhone Case looks amazing the colors are vivid and artistic, this new iPhone Case is much liked by girl's and teenager's because of it's cuteness and if you have someone in family that you want to give it to than go on buy it they will love it.

iFrogz IP4MIX-PEA Mix Case for iPhone 4/4S

iFrogz IP4MIX-PEA Mix Case

Perfect Grip, amazing design, the Mix is the ideal combination of sturdiness and style.The eye-catching patterns are manufactured within the mold, so color and design is gorgeous.It almost looks the Peacock feather is real.

OtterBox Defender Series Eternality Collection Case for iPhone 4/4S

OtterBox Defender Series Eternality Collection Case

Elegant ArtWork and Beautiful Design and With the Name of "Otterbox" You don't need to Worry about Quality.Artwork by Monique Maloney, a professor of Graphic Design at Liberty University, VA. The Defender Series is rugged, essential Smartphone protection.

  •     Three layers of protection.
  •     Complete interaction of the device's functions.
  •     Durable silicone skin.
  •     Comes with a ratcheting belt clip.

Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night iPhone 5 Case

Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night iPhone 5 Case

Vincent-Van-Gogh design with beautiful Stary look like deep Night With Colourful Sky.This new iPhone Case has it's own elegance and style no need for mentioning buy it for yourself or your loved one's and let see what they say. Some features are given below:

  •     Slim protective case for iPhone 5 with perfect fit.
  •     Hard shell case provides protection for your iPhone 5 from scratches, dents, dings. Almost unnoticable weight difference.
  •     Easy installation and removal (snap on, snap off).

Pikachu With Mustache iPhone 5 Case

 Love Cartoons than this new iPhone Case is perfect for you or for your loved one's.

Pikachu With Mustache iPhone 5 Case

  •     Slim protective case for iPhone 5 with perfect fit.
  •     Quick and easy access to all iPhone 5 features: Screen Display, Dock Connector, Headphone port, microphone, and Camera Lens.
  •     Made in the United States.

Japanese Wave iPhone 5 Case

Japanese Wave iPhone 5 Case

Give Your iPhone a taste of Some Sea.Yup with this wonderful new iPhone Case You can atleast give it some cool look of "Sea" Surf trying to drown away your new iPhone. Colors are matching and if you like light and some mild of a mix than this new iPhone case is definitely for you.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

iPhone Cases Worth Checking these Holidays

iPhone Cases Worth Checking these Holidays

If you are looking for a new iPhone Case or a iPhone Cover the things mostly be in your mind is to trust the manufacturer or not, about the quality, style and durability and some people also give attention to the prices.for a new iPhone case these all things matter as well as the "manufacturer" and when it comes to the main deal i bet you will find not few many that provide all of these features to the customers.Just as the other day my friend asked me to check a new iPhone Case for her whether she had to buy it or not i stumbled upon few i thought to share it here.

Speck CandyShell Glossy Case for iPhone 4/4S - Black/Peacock

 I personally love the style of new iPhone Cases from Speck they are comfortable,stunning and looks Elegant on iPhone.This iPhone case is a glossy shell and avialable in black/Peacock colours.

Speck CandyShell Glossy Case

  •     Two layers in one, hard shell, rubberized interior.
  •     Glossy outer shell.
  •     One-piece case with 2-in-1 construction.
  •     Smooth exterior slides easily in and out of pockets.

Speck CandyShell Card Case for iPhone 4/4S - White/Peacock

Stylish, Comfortable & Durable the Case is elegantly made by Speck and perfectly suited for Office & Out-going people that happen to carry card cases with them.This new iPhone Case will solve your problem with all-in-one solution.Available in White/Peacock Colors, hard shell with rubber exterior with better protection.

Speck CandyShell Card Case

  •     Hard shell meets soft rubber case.
  •     Hard shell, matte finish exterior.
  •     Carry 1,2 or 3 cards securely in the built-in slot.
  •     Rubberized button covers and corners.

Speck PixelSkin HD Case for iPhone 4/4S - Black

Speck new HD Case is worth trying if you want pixel grip and soft touch for a new iPhone Case.This case is very lightweight and you will feel your iPhone is decreased in weight when you pick it up in your hands after buying the case.

Speck PixelSkin HD Case

  •     Slim fit and a sweet pixel grip.
  •     Lightweight, soft-touch case.
  •     Access to all ports, controls and sensors.
  •     Grippy squares give great texture.

Speck SmartFlex Card Case for iPhone 5 - Black

Smartflex new iPhone case is custom designed for new iPhone 5 with extra features of card case you can use it at your convenience whether for holding few bucks or bills or some "important" stuff.The button are all rubberized and very unique in a sense give it a try if you are a new iphone 5 owner.

Speck SmartFlex Card Case

  •     Built-in side-loading slot holds up to 3 cards or folded bills.
  •     Flexes on and off easily.
  •     Raised screen bezel and rubberized button covers.
  •     Custom-designed for iPhone 5.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Next Priority Getting a New iPhone Cover and Case

Next Priority Getting a New iPhone Cover and Case

Got a New iPhone.The next thing to do is to get a brand new cover for your iPhone. If you put money in buying a new iPhone (iPhone 4/4S or 5). You are willingly to put some money into protecting your iPhone with new iPhone cover too.

iPhone Cases & Covers comes in different variety & Quality.But most and important thing to consider when getting new iPhone cover or case is the Quality, Durability & also in most cases style matter's.

new iphone cover

There are Some good names when it comes to new iPhone cover like "Otterbox" and "Specky". But the variety in the market is much more diverse with prices and protection level.
When buying a new iPhone cover the thing that concerned to the buyer is the comfort of using the new the iPhone cover or case with his new iPhone. Leather & Rubber Cover's are much suited for a normal user who want some protection for his iPhone from dust and debris.
Plastic iPhone Covers and Cases are also popular because of its colours and style attributes. Check below some diverse variety of iPhone Cover's and Cases and think what you want for your iPhone to make it more 'i'-Phone for yourself.